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This is my fav comment on this whole subject


There’s always a plus to a minus, as my mum would say

It’s kinda funny how almost everyone on Facebook disagrees with this news. I mean, it’s not the news per se, but the fact they made us wait a day with expectation as if it was super-mega news. Well, I think we all knew that… 

"It’s an illusion, it’a game…"

For some reason I didn’t get my hopes up this time, idk I guess I finally learned not to trust in these fan pages anymore. The Yes fb page is always doing this and it sucks, the only person who doesn’t disappoint is Steve Hackett.

"Led Zeppelin are notoriously hesitant to allow their music to be licensed for commercial purposes. Knowing this, Richard Linklater filmed a plea by actor Jack Black in front of 1,000 screaming fans, imploring the band to let the production use the "Immigrant Song" in the movie. The plea worked and the filmed request is included on the DVD."

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Anonymous asked:

White Nationalist metal? Rock Against Communism? Explain.

Both music genres emerged from the Neo-Nazi communities, most coming from the US, UK, or Germany. They are *almost* synonymous, but the Rock Against Communism movement tends to focus on politics whereas the White Nationalist metal is very racially preoccupied. Again, it varies depending on the band, but you get the gist. National-Socialism, anti-Semitism, white pride, Hitler cult following…Not your mommy’s favorite music genre. Obviously I don’t approve of the message, but the music itself is a half-decent little branch of punk.

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